May 2013

Ahh I need to start posting more pictures. I run across great stuff all the time.  But I did update my toys section.

Winter bulids..

pascoHere it is.. I need to get my butt in gear! It’s a Lambretta Pasco

Corsa IFP Scooter Race

Well I have been prepping my TV175 for this one.

I am gonna post pics when I am done with the revamp of my scooter.

Book Review: Vespa 1946-2006 60 years of the VESPA

This book is amazing. It’s by Giorgio

Put out in 2006 by MOTORBOOKS. It’s literally a heavy book, it weighs 8pounds. Totaling 417 pages it has information about the early works of Piaggio  from Rinaldo Piaggio’s woodworks and furnishings for railway carriages & marine furnishings, to Enrico Piaggio’s work with aircrafts in 1915. Original factory pictures, candid photos, and real history. Covering the 1946 v98- 2006 GT250 models it’s full of great information and amazing facts. $50 well spent at cover price- but Amazon has these sometimes too.


ScooTampa ride out July 26th

Our local club Tampa2Stroke has a ride out open to everyone. Odd for a “shifting club”?  Actually it’s a great way to meet new folks. Often times it’s a mix of new and old, that’s not a bad thing considering some new scooter riders take an interest in the classics and seek them out. I know elsewhere the vintage crowd in pretty big- here in Tampa it’s not gigantic, maybe “medium” at best. Yeah sure if you wanted a vintage scooter, like a Vespa of Lambretta, it’s not a mystery where they can be found and if you really wanted one- you’d already have one by now. I do feel others need to interact and see a few upclose and take the plunge into that vintage class. But overall not bad for a Thursday night- Friday morning came early!rideout



My Vespa Cosa 200

Here is my Vespa Cosa.



So about 10 years ago I was on the hunt for a Cosa. Why? Probably because I was inspired by the great late John Gerber. John was a scooter from Boston area, who did much traveling on a scooter back in the day, and up until his later years on a Cosa. If it was good enough for him, then it is for me.

Another reason because it’s really not like anything else Piaggio ever did, unusual is a word people have used as well as ugly. Well style is a matter of opinion in my mind, and for every ounce of ugly this machine has makes up for it in smoothness. The Cosa clutch is beyond smooth and the seat is comfortable. Most passengers say it’s awkward to sit on so perhaps riding solo is best?


Really being a Lambretta guy, but over all a “scooter-boy”, this thing of a scooter holds a place in my heart. Often times it’s loaned out to club members who’s scooter is down so it gets plenty of exercise.

Here is a little bit about the Cosa models: first marketed in 1987 as a campaign to revive the Vespa scooter line by Piaggio. It was marketed as the new Vespa and the “future”. By 1991 the Cosa production was finished and sales of the P-series were back up, probably Vespa scooter fans came to their scenes. Often times the Cosa gets a bad rap for its limited gas tank, lack of style, and less then clunky semi-hydraulic brake.

Here is a page all about Cosas -

Getting some chrome done

When I get my chrome done, it gets done by Garcia’s, 813 879 1125, in Drew Park, Tampa. A fella named Joda runs it and he does great work. I am bringing this in:


a spare tire cover, for a behind the seat mounting. I got it from Scooters Originali. Gene Merideth usually has most Lambretta & Vespa parts you’ll need in stock. 

I will also get the top half of these silent blocks polished out, so my motor looks xtra spiffy.

mounts located in New Jersey. Parts, service, & restorations, Gene has been in business for over 20 years! Thanks again

Once the job is done by Joda I will post pictures.

Sarasota Florida 7/18/12

I went to Sarasota on a work adventure. While I was out there I stopped off at the Sarasota vintage car museum. I did not have time to get into the showroom, I was able to chek out the lobby and their odd antiques room.

It seems like a cool place -



Here is a few shots in the antique room: a Titanic model!

boat And best of all a Vintage Drinking Bear game.


And here is the lobbyshots -a BMW Isetta and a Vespa.


2012 Trip To Colorado

Wow! it’s been a bit since my last post….I have A LOT going. Several trips, and adventures! Let’s see…I wen’t to Colorado Springs for the National Lambretta Jamboree for the Lambretta Club USA on June 28-July1st 2012. The fires really screwed that up so it didn’t happen.

We did go anyway to see some old friends and our club members that went just to hang out… it was just fine. I rafted and got some riding in myself in Denver area to the top of lookout mountain. Then hit Red Rocks. The weather was great!




We had a few friends in Denver, they showed us a great time. While in Denver I hit  - it was amazing. Take a few minutes to check that place out. The owner recently died and his son(s) run it. Super friendly people and amazing collection.



Thats me next to a Rumi! one of my favorites of scooters ( besides Lambrettas and Vespas)


mopedWhere else can you find a Lambretta 48 Moped?

Even had time to hang out a Jet200 - one of the few great scooter shops in the US. I love this piece they have on their wall!




Thanks to all that were so great at making it wonderful trip

Scooter Cannonball On a Lambretta!!

A very cool friend of mine rode her Lambretta across the country on last year’s Scooter Cannonball. This is not an easy task by any means. I’d say you need a little more than luck. An inspiring story, if you ever thought about scooting across the country please read this. If you like reading about cool road trips read this. If you like hearing about cool people on old bikes read this.

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